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From startup to clean drinking water:
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An idea changes lives

It all started with an idea. Angella Marjorie’s idea. Together with a handful of like-minded women, she wanted to do her bit. Her strong will and commitment turned the original idea into an organization that is supported by people from all over the world. Initially, they all rallied behind one vision: Let us start with small things to make a great impact eventually. And that is exactly what’s happening now – in six powerful projects that help girls and women in rural Uganda to improve their lives.


Menstruation loses its threat potential

For girls in rural Uganda the onset of the menstrual cycle can be a fateful turning point in their lives. Lacking adequate female hygiene products, the girls are often too embarrassed to go to school. All they have in terms of sanitary hygiene are plant leaves or pieces of plas-tics. That is why we at Gejja produce, distribute and sell hygiene sets for girls and women.

Figures that spur us on


 schooldays a month. That’s the average absence rate of girls due to their menstruation.


teenage pregnancies a month result from lack of access to reproductive health education.


of school girls in rural Uganda have no access to adequate monthly hygiene.


Permaculture: small effort, big yields

70 percent of the Ugandan population work in agriculture, which makes soil quality a very important issue in the country’s rural areas. Much of the farmland, however, is exhausted. That is why we pro-mote a near-to-nature approach to agriculture called permaculture.


Enhancing independence and social status

Most women in Uganda are financially dependent on their husbands. This makes it close to impossible for single mothers or widows to build a life of their own. We want to support these vulnerable groups by helping them to secure a livelihood for themselves.


Easy access vs. privilege

Acquiring higher education or special skills is a privilege in rural Uganda, particularly for girls. Attending secondary school will often remain a dream for them. The reasons are manifold: lack of financial means, early marriages, and/or teenage pregnancies.


PAULA provides clean water

Most people in Mpigi have no access to clean water. They drink murky, contaminated water from waterholes that serve cattle and hu-mans alike. Gejja Women Foundation solves the issue by providing PAULA, a water purification plant.


Equal rights for all

In rural Uganda, social disadvantages and discrimination starts early. Girls and women rarely get the chance to live up to their potential. That is why Gejja Women Foundation strives towards gender equali-ty.

„Awareness is the first step towards equality, and mentruation is inevitable.”

Anna Hamacher, co-founder Gejja e.V.

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