Enhancing independence and social status

Most women in Uganda are financially dependent on their husbands. This makes it close to impossible for single mothers or widows to build a life of their own. We want to support these vulnerable groups by helping them to secure a livelihood for themselves.

To date, Gejja Women Foundation has helped 135 women to set up their own businesses. These startups cover a wide range of different topics: from craftswomanship, to the production of bio soaps, to ag-riculture and wine growing. Not to forget, of course, the production of reusable sanitary towels and diapers, which presents another way of making a living. Whatever their project, the women receive com-petent support from our local teams. The ultimate goal of this en-gagement is, after all, to improve the women’s social status sustaina-bly.

Social Media Support

Today’s social media platforms can have a great impact on the success of social projects. It is therefore vital for us, to communicate our content topics fast. Creativity and reliability is what’s required here. And that’s where we need you!

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