Menstruation loses its threat potential

For girls in rural Uganda the onset of the menstrual cycle can be a fateful turning point in their lives. Lacking adequate female hygiene products, the girls are often too embarrassed to go to school. All they have in terms of sanitary hygiene are plant leaves or pieces of plas-tics. That is why we at Gejja produce, distribute and sell hygiene sets for girls and women.

Under the ”Safe Girl“ project we reach out to break local taboos: The project team educates teenagers about sexuality and family planning – something that is actually forbidden in Uganda.* In addition, we show them how to produce reusable sanitary towels. The goal of the project is to promote the shift in awareness and attitude that is urgent-ly needed. Very few girls in Uganda have access to adequate men-struation hygiene. The result is high absentee and drop-out rates, when girls are too embarrassed to go to school.


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