Soils? Exhausted.
Crops? Damaged.
People? Malnourished.

Devastating crop diseases, insect pests, deforestation, water scarcity, droughts, and exhausted soils: most of Uganda’s agriculture is in a poor state and people living off the land are suffering.

One factor above all would make a big difference in terms of productivity and food safety: expertise and knowhow, particularly about time-honored cultivation techniques. These traditional cultivation methods focus on compost, mulching, crop communities, rain water utilization and erosion protection – just like permaculture does.

Permaculture is a method to help create near-natural, living eco-systems. Its goal is to work with nature, not against it. Permaculture systems create a sustainable cycle requiring very little human intervention.

Our local partner, the Gejja Women Foundation, educates women on the basic principles of permaculture. Equipped with their new expertise, the women can re-fertilize the soil around their huts. In addition, they can acquire basic knowledge on water and soil biology; they discover how to collect rain water; and they increase their yield even more, by applying natural fertilizers such as manure, ash, and leaves. This helps them to harvest – and sell – healthy fruits and vegetables, thus securing a livelihood for themselves and their children.

Having their own vegetable yard where crops thrive and grow strong is a symbol of hope for the women. We are happy to help them get there. And we would be thrilled if you supported our work because happiness shared, is happiness doubled.

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