At the age of 18, almost half the girls in Uganda have become wife and mother*. Every other pregnancy is unwanted**. 32.000 teenage pregnancies a month show the impact of lacking access to reproductive health education***. The fertility rate is 4.8 children per woman**** – family planning is quite clearly not an item on the public agenda.

Das zeigt: auch Familienplanung ist kein Thema.

The coronavirus pandemic has made things worse for young girls. Schools were closed for 83 long weeks*****.  83 weeks during which girls at home and at work were bullied into having sex – often by older men. Others were married away by their families even earlier than usual. As a result, they did not just lose their youth, but their self-determination as well*****.

To change this, we teamed up with the Gejja Women Foundation to help girls in Uganda lead a dignified life. And now we would like to ask you to join in. Do your bit! Because you can.

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