Gejja e.V. is a Germany-based, registered charity that supports the Foundation in Uganda.


In 2015, Angella Marjorie set up the Gejja Women Foundation in Uganda. She started out with a handful of female employees producing their first product – sanitary pads for teenagers – under the label “Safe Girls”. Today, a staff of 135 is involved in a whole range of different Gejja projects. In 2021, Gejja e. V. was founded in Germany. Its purpose: advancing women’s projects in Africa with a special focus on Uganda.


“Good peoplehave helped me.Now it’s my turn to help.”

Angella MarjorieFounder Gejja Women Foundation

Getting to where she is now, was a big piece of luck, says Angella Marjorie. Being a girl, her chances of getting into secondary school were slim. Her life took a turning point, when she happened to come across the “Social Innovation Academy” in Uganda. With their help, she was able to complete her school education and raise her child as a single mother. She wanted other women to have this kind of luck and founded the Gejja Women Foundation in 2015. The name reflects the underlying idea of the program: Gejja means “surpassing oneself”, and this is what Angella wanted to achieve with her foundation. Her goal was to empower girls, young women, single mothers, and widows to become economically independent and lead a self-determined life. The guiding notion in her engagement was – and still is – the experience of her own life: „Good people have helped me. Now it’s my turn to help.”


One of her project trips for the charity “Fürsorge- und Bildungsstiftung e.V.” took Rebecca Trienekens-Domrös to Uganda, where she liaised with projects of Jangu e. V., a charity that focuses on development cooperation for education. On this occasion, she also came across Gejja Women Foundation and happened to meet Angella Marjorie. This encounter felt like an act of providence to her: Watching Angella and two of her fellow campaigners present a menstrual hygiene project at a Ugandan school impressed her deeply. Back in Germany, she rallied nine like-minded people, and soon after they founded Gejja Deutschland e. V. to support the Ugandan parent organization from Germany.

Our Team in Germany and Uganda

Marjorie Angella Atuhurra


Heike Biastoch


Anne Biastoch


Joachim Domrös


Merle Franke-Biastoch


Ndagire Gorret Reynard

Anna Hamacher


Nalule Suzan Joyce

Produktion (Tailor)

Kyandiru Mariam

Assistant Marketing officer

Lwanga Shamira

Leiterin der Produktion

Nabatanzi Mariam

Produktion (Tailor)

Nabossa Joan

Assistant Produktion

Nakayemba Catherine Faith

Frauen Start-Up Koordinatorin

Lillian Namatovu

Social Worker

Carlotta Rosenthal


Doris Ruland


Rebecca Trienekens-Domrös


Christina Zilkens


„Because menstruation is a global taboo – we want to break that taboo.”

Merle Franke-Biastoch, co-founder Gejja e.V.

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